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Are you looking to increase conversions and the overall effectiveness of your landing pages whether they are for your PPC campaigns or a page on your Web site?

I will share the secrets of successful SEO copywriting and page design that will increase your sales, conversions and brand perception by avoiding “keyword stuffing” in your copy and creating a focused landing page.

In this hands-on class, you’ll apply what you learn in class to building an effective landing page for a pay-per-click campaign (for products, services, promotional efforts or message driven) beginning with knowing who your target audience is, how best to communicate with them and set objectives. From there, understand the importance of keyword research, writing effective action-oriented copy, key elements in page design, and the importance of testing page variants to improve results.

You’ll present your page in HTML or another format for feedback from your fellow students and me.

This class is perfect for site owners and Web designers as well as professionals in advertising, marketing, sales and public relations with limited HTML knowledge or experience. We’re focusing on how search engine marketing and optimization can improve Web page performance.

This course is offered through the Internet Design & Technology certificate program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas Educational Outreach.

  • Dates: Tuesdays, May 12 – 19, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., & Tuesday, May 26, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
  • Location: UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR), Room 140
  • Fee: $115 includes parking permit and 0.5 CEUs (3 sessions)

Register online at http://edoutreach.unlv.edu or by calling (702) 895-3394. For more information about the Internet Design & Technology certificate program, call Kyle Yahiro-Okino at (702) 895-4490.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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Is it just me or are you, too, feeling pessimistic, angry and frustrated?

As a business communicator, I need to keep up on the latest news about the economy, business, world affairs and the like to better serve my clients. But seeing and hearing stories of people losing their homes and savings, corporate executives getting bonuses from their U.S.-taxpayer-bailed-out employers, local gaming institutions filing for bankruptcy, the conflicts along and beyond our border…<sigh> it certainly can be overwhelming.

I can feel the anxiety here in Las Vegas, a city struggling to deal with being on so many “Worst of” lists when it’s been on the “Best of” lists for decades. You can see our residents’ frustration by watching how they are driving – ever faster, zigging in and out of traffic, zooming up behind you, etc.

With all the reports and examples of doom and gloom, who can blame business owners and senior management for cutting back on expenses – including employees and their marketing efforts (a topic for another post) – because they are fearful that the bad luck or hardship befalling their neighbors and competitors will happen to them.

The problem is fear-based thinking only makes those problems worse and makes for a miserable quality of life.

I believe it’s long past due for adopting a new attitude, one that looks for the silver lining in the terrible black clouds everyone keeps talking about.

No, no, no, no. I’m not going “airy-fairy” on you.

I’m not about to say ignore what’s happening around you and go on living like it was 1999 (or some other by-gone era). But I believe what Ventura County reporter Michael Sullivan recently experienced supports my suggestion.

Your attitude colors your world. Think bleak thoughts and your world will be bleak. Think thoughts of possibilities, ideas and beauty, then your world will feel a bit lighter, brighter and bolder.

Physicist Albert Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Metaphysicist Ernest Holmes said quite succinctly “Change your thinking, change your life.”

So let’s start today – right this very moment – with thinking differently. Let’s look for the possibilities, solutions, ideas – all those “silver lining” things that will energize our minds and souls. Yeah, it’ll be tough especially when we’re surrounded by all the negative chatter. It’ll be like adopting a new habit. But I believe it’s well worth the effort.

Perhaps this quote from American humorist Will Rogers sums it up the best, “An economist’s guess is liable to be as good as anybody else’s.”

To me, that means we’re in control of our outlooks on business and in life. Let’s make it a positive one.

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