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Think of a tweet as a 15-second commercial. At its core, a good tweet is concise, expressive and re-tweetable.

If linking to a story, write something catchy that introduces the article and gives a sense of context. For instance, here’s a recent tweet of mine: “Can Robocop return to save Detroit by luring in #tourism dollars? http://bit.ly/f9Zp6E” The news story was about efforts to raise money to have a Robocop statue built, something that other cities have done for other movie characters.

Write with 120 characters in mind (spaces included!) so that someone can retweet it and leave your Twitter handle and message intact.

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Providing customer service that brings people back to your store or Web site isn’t rocket science or doesn’t have to cost you anything – only motivation and desire.

I recently stopped at the Bentley’s Coffee on the corner of Charleston & I-15 for a small jolt of caffeine after a pretty intense morning. Imagine my surprise when one of the baristas bounded out of the coffee drive-thru to get my order…instead of waiting for me to reach the window or me waiting for the two cars ahead to pull away. With a “Hi there, what can I getcha?” and a quick clarification that their $1.50 coffee is a 16-ounce Americano (not drip), he made me feel as if he was happy to see me…and to serve me.

Not only did they get a 50-cent tip for a buck-fifty drink (more than double the standard 15% tipping rate), they’ve got a new customer.

So how much did it cost Bentley’s Coffee to acquire a first-drive, drive-by customer? Because of the priceless positive attitude of their employee who took joy in helping a customer, not a monetary cent.

How can you apply this to your business? Start thinking about it now so you can get new customers tomorrow.

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