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Providing customer service that brings people back to your store or Web site isn’t rocket science or doesn’t have to cost you anything – only motivation and desire.

I recently stopped at the Bentley’s Coffee on the corner of Charleston & I-15 for a small jolt of caffeine after a pretty intense morning. Imagine my surprise when one of the baristas bounded out of the coffee drive-thru to get my order…instead of waiting for me to reach the window or me waiting for the two cars ahead to pull away. With a “Hi there, what can I getcha?” and a quick clarification that their $1.50 coffee is a 16-ounce Americano (not drip), he made me feel as if he was happy to see me…and to serve me.

Not only did they get a 50-cent tip for a buck-fifty drink (more than double the standard 15% tipping rate), they’ve got a new customer.

So how much did it cost Bentley’s Coffee to acquire a first-drive, drive-by customer? Because of the priceless positive attitude of their employee who took joy in helping a customer, not a monetary cent.

How can you apply this to your business? Start thinking about it now so you can get new customers tomorrow.


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