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Think of a tweet as a 15-second commercial. At its core, a good tweet is concise, expressive and re-tweetable.

If linking to a story, write something catchy that introduces the article and gives a sense of context. For instance, here’s a recent tweet of mine: “Can Robocop return to save Detroit by luring in #tourism dollars? http://bit.ly/f9Zp6E” The news story was about efforts to raise money to have a Robocop statue built, something that other cities have done for other movie characters.

Write with 120 characters in mind (spaces included!) so that someone can retweet it and leave your Twitter handle and message intact.

Stay tuned for more Sweet Tweet Tips…


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Many thanks to my colleague and friend Mike Klassen, The Magalog Guy, for having me on his  Magalog Guy podcast show. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat about five key aspects of social networking that will help business owners increase customer loyalty, brand awareness and sales.

Here’s a short synopsis of our conversation:

Key #1 – Understand that social networking is about getting to know people, having conversations, and sharing information. It’s not about incessant sales pitching, “me, me, me” or “we, we, we.”

Key #2 – Choose the right social networking tool based upon your business goals and the tools your customers are using. Schedule time each business day to plan and review your efforts; write the blog posts, Facebook updates and tweets; and reply to posted questions and comments.

Key #3 – Set up your accounts. If your company name is already taken, then consider adding a geographical reference to it like “Las Vegas” or “LV”. UPDATED TIP: It’s important to be consistent – for search engines as well as brand recognition – so use that name for all your online efforts.

Key #4 – Learn how to effectively use your chosen social networking tools through online resources like blogs, videos and podcasts like those of The Magalog Guy, your industry or trade organization’s articles and webinars, and business publications. Always be civil and respectful when handling negative comments and differing points of view.

Key #5 – Be a helpful resource: post good information on your Web site, blog or social networking platform; answer questions; and refer people to other resources that may be of help or interest to them.

Bottom line: Savvy business owners use social networking to connect with their customers, watch for new trends, and quickly change course when new  opportunities arise.

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